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The fastest web browser in the real word: Google Chrome

August 10, 2011 01:17 PDT

Posted by Andrew.

What's the fastest web browser in the "Real World"? No surprise here – the winner is Google Chrome.

According to a report by TechCrunch, the data was collected over a period of a month, capturing 1.86 billion measurements over 200 websites, Google Chrome has been crowned the fastest web browser in the "Real world" by Gomez (Gomez is a benchmarks division of Compuware, it's the industry’s leading solution for optimizing the performance, availability and quality of web, non-web, mobile, streaming and cloud applications).

For page load time, Google Chrome 12 (3.43 seconds) was about a half-second faster than its nearest rival, Firefox, with Safari and IE another half-second behind. On the high end is Apple’s Safari 4 (6.149 seconds) and IE 7 (6.006 seconds). For perceived time, Firefox 4 (2.18 seconds) edged ahead of Chrome.

Performance differences accross browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer

Performance differences accross browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer

Other resources about speeding your browser

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#1  posted on August 10, 2011 16:58 PDT
That is so important, speed... is it 0.3 or .05 seconds before you see the page :o) To me most important thing is security and feel of the browser. Thats why Opera, an excellent browser but it is just to much going on. Chrome from other side is clean, simple but include all I need.

#2  posted on August 10, 2011 23:52 PDT
Why there isn't opera?
Opera is fast too. I cannot tell which one is faster between chrome and opera.
But only fast speed is not enough. We also need some build-in and helpful features (Add-ons just slow my browser or even the whole computer). That's why chrome and opera are fast but I still use a small Avant browser.

#3  posted on August 23, 2011 07:16 PDT
"The fastest web browser in the realword" right...
My problem with Opera is that it starts slowly compared to Chrome. It got like no security ever, while Chrome got Sandboxing and is soon introducing NACL. I think I will stay with Chrome for a while.

#4  posted on September 05, 2011 14:47 PDT
I agree. Chrome is the best browser. And Andrew, will you ever use Disqus as the commenting system. Check them out Disqus is used by Engadget, IGN, CNN, and others. I would consider looking at this.
replied on September 05, 2011 16:21 PDT:
Hi Michael, Thank you for your message. The CMS of this site is developed by my self. I have no plan to use Disqus.

#5  posted on November 26, 2011 10:52 PST
I have tested IE, MF, op, and chrome together.
And chrome was 1 of the fastest.

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