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Federico Fieni: Google Vs Microsoft = Chrome?

November 06, 2008 08:46 PST

Posted by Andrew.

Federico Fieni designed a very interesting graphic and posted on his blog: Google + Microsoft = Chrome? :)

This article is Italian, the following description was automatically translated from Google translation:

Google vs Microsoft = Chrome?

Especially after the sticker Google vs. Microsoft. Because someone was looking at the bigger size to make the print available here at high resolution.

Some advance about upcoming projects: the cartoons continue idiot (it is just me), publish a short strip "amaristica" and I intend to start an online comic theme .... I do not know yet. I have too many ideas. Maybe I'll make a poll here on the site.

Federico Fieni's Graphic : Google Vs Microsoft = Chrome?

Published with permission from Federico Fieni and oneComics.

About Federico Fieni

Age: 30

Country: Italy

Interested in: Drawing, Free thinking.

Status: Production assistant of Winx Club comic / Freelance illustrator

Services: Illustrations, Comics, Graphic Design (print and web), Web Design, Logo Design, Storyboards, Cartoons, Portraits, Character Design, Flash Animations, Videogame Graphics

About oneComics

oneComics is dedicated to the cartoons. oneComics follows the daily events and represents them with cartoon strips and illustrations with a hint of satire.

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