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Official Google Chrome on Mac OS X: Coming soon!

April 09, 2009 03:56 PDT

Posted by Andrew.

The Weekly Mac Detailed Status page will be kept up to date with the current focus areas for Chromium for Mac OS X so developers and observers can track its progress. According the task progress, it seems Google Chrome officially coming to Mac OS X soon:

Mac Detailed Status: Week of Mar 29 - Apr 4

  • Middle-click, command-click, and "open link in new tab" should now all correctly open a new tab without tab bar wonkiness.
  • Starting to work on getting code coverage numbers
  • Added a bit of hysteresis to start dragging a tab so they don't fly off so easily
  • Breakpad (Crash reporting) framework now fully open-sourced! Yay!
  • Omnibox first-cut almost ready for landing...stay on target! Stay on target!
  • Valgrind build running on waterfall bots
  • Build Chromium on Mac yourself

    To get started, please visit Chromium Developer get the code page. To check out directly from SVN on Mac, please do following steps:

    • Create a directory to hold the code.  This example assumes the directory is ~/chromium, but other names are fine.
    • From a shell in the Terminal, execute the following commands:
    • $ cd ~/chromium

      $ gclient config

    • To download the initial code, update your checkout as described below.

    To build Chromium on Mac yourself, you need Apple's developer tools, a reasonable level of comfort operating Xcode, a modicum of terminal-fu.

    Note: If you only want to look at the source code on your own machine, you'll need at least 1.6 GB of hard drive space available. (Somewhat less for Linux, since it already has some of the dependencies installed.) If you want to build it, you will need just under 10 GB of space, including all the object files and executables.

    Other resource about Chrome and Mac OS X

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