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How to Remotely Access iMac, MacBook Pro & MacBook Air with Chrome Desktop Remote

October 24, 2011 04:09 PDT
Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is Google’s new cross-platform extension that seamlessly allows you to access Mac, Linux, Windows OS, etc through the Chrome browser or a Chromebook. Pushing the boundaries of what browsers can really do, the new extension enables you to remotely connect to other computers over the Internet.

The goal of this beta release is to demonstrate the core Chrome Remoting technology and get feedback from users. This version enables users to share with or get access to another computer by providing a one-time authentication code. Access is given only to the specific person the user identifies for one time only, and the sharing session is fully secured. One potential use of this version is the remote IT helpdesk case. The helpdesk can use the Chrome Remote Desktop to help another user, while conversely a user can receive help by setting up a sharing session without leaving their desk. Additional use cases such as being able to access your own computer remotely are coming soon.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop

Screenshots of Chrome Remote Desktop

Screenshot 1: Chrome Remote Desktop

Screenshot 2: Chrome Remote Desktop

Screenshot 3: Chrome Remote Desktop

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