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How to sync bookmarks between Firefox, Chrome and Safari

May 17, 2011 04:28 PDT

Bookmarks are something that you keep for future reference, and can use them whenever all of a sudden, you wanted to browse a site you checked, and had saved it for future. These bookmarks in all the computers are different for the various browsers. The bookmarks that you saved in Firefox would be limited to view in Firefox only, and same is the case with the Chrome and Safari browsers. It would have been easier if the browsers had a capability to have same bookmarks, so that you won’t have to open a particular browser to check which one had the bookmark that you saved months back. There is no direct syncing option with the various browsers, but there are tools which can help in syncing the bookmarks across the browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc. One of such tools is Transmute.

The problem with the direct syncing of the bookmarks is that the browsers have their own version of saving and keeping a database of the bookmarks. Transmute makes the things easier by handling all the conversions and extracting just the links, and making it available for the other browsers after pulling out from one.

Screenshot: Use Transmute to sync the bookmarks

Screenshot: Use Transmute to Synchronize the bookmarks

Tutorial: how you can use Transmute to synchronize the bookmarks

Download the Transmute tool, and open it. You will see the tool with 2 sections, one called as the Source, and other as Target. You need to specify the source and target browsers, i.e. if you have your major bookmarks in the Firefox browser and want to have the same in the Chrome browser, set them as the Source and Target browsers respectively.

Screenshot: Sync the bookmarks with other browsers

Screenshot: Sync the bookmarks with other browsers

There are many browsers, and not just the 3 we had mentioned above. Clicking on the Source browser, you would see a dropdown list of browsers from where you can synchronize the bookmarks with the other browsers.

One of the other main advantages of Transmute tool is that it won’t clutter the target browsers' bookmarks section. This is because the tool has option for you to select whether to overwrite the data, or just add the bookmarks to the current database. And before syncing, you can even backup the collection of bookmarks that you are going to sync.

The Transmute tool is one of the simplest and best tools for the syncing of bookmarks between the browsers, and it comes in different versions, namely the Transmute Pro, Transmute Plus and Transmute Standard. There are free and paid versions for this tool, but if you just want to do the simple transferring and syncing of the bookmarks, the free version is worth a try.

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Posted by Andrew.

#1  posted on June 15, 2012 02:49 PDT
Try Favekeeper for syncing bookmarks across browsers and devices.

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