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Download Google Chrome for Ubuntu Linux

April 27, 2009 07:56 PDT


A Working Pre alpha build of Chromium browser for Linux is available in PPA repository, chromium is open source engine behind Google Chrome. Chromium for Linux has GTK based interface which looks and work like windows interfaces.

Install Chromium package on Ubunt

Run following command to install Chromium package on Ubuntu:

Sudo apt install chromium-browser

PPA for Ubuntu Chromium Daily Builds maintains Ubuntu daily builds of the Chromium browser which is maintained by a bot, so it contains completely untested builds.

The screenshots of Pre–Alpha Build Chromium for Linux

The screenshots of Pre–Alpha Build Chromium for Linux

Other resource about Google Chrome version

#1  posted on April 19, 2011 00:43 PDT
Thank you so much.

#2  posted on December 29, 2011 01:15 PST
it is nice

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