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Google Chrome Out Of Beta Now!

December 12, 2008 00:01 PST

Posted by Andrew.

Google released Chrome beta on Sep 02, 2008. In just 100 days, Google has just announced that Google Chrome is ready for real consumers on real computers by cutting off their “beta” sign from the new browser.

The new version of Google Chrome including following features:

  • Better stability and performance of plug-ins (particularly video).
  • Video and audio glitches were among the most common bugs fixed during the beta period.

  • Even more speed.
  • Google Chrome starts up fast, loads pages quickly, and just keeps getting faster.

  • Bookmark manager and privacy controls.
  • Better bookmark features were a top request from our users. It's now easier to switch between another browser and Google Chrome with the bookmark import and export features, and we added a new simple way to manage large numbers of bookmarks, too.

To get the new version of Google Chrome, please visit to free download.

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