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Goole VS Firefox, IE, Safari in speed test

September 08, 2008 07:00 PDT

Article Source: Stephen Shankland at

Stephen Shankland posted Speed test: Google Chrome beats Firefox, IE, Safari at CNET.COM on September 2, 2008, it shows Google Chrome overpowers the other browsers(Google Chrome Beta, IE 8 beta, IE 7, Safari 3.1.2 and Firefox 3.0.1) on the five subtests by which Google measures its browser's JavaScript performance.

"Lars Bak, the Google engineer who was the technical leader for Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine, said at the launch event Tuesday he's confident Chrome is "many times faster" than the rivals at running JavaScript, the programming language that powers Google Docs, Gmail, and many other Web applications.
But when pressed for specifics, he told me to try them out. So I did.
Google offers a site with five JavaScript benchmarks. On each one of these tests, Chrome clearly trounced the competition. I hope benchmarking experts and developers will weigh in with comments about how well these tests represent true JavaScript performance on the Web--either for ordinary sites or for rich Web apps."

JavaScript Benchmark Component Scores

Google's Chrome overpowers the other browsers on the five subtests by which Google measures its browser's JavaScript performance.

Here's the site description of the speed tests:

  • Richards: OS kernel simulation benchmark, originally written in BCPL by Martin Richards (539 lines).
  • DeltaBlue: One-way constraint solver, originally written in Smalltalk by John Maloney and Mario Wolczko (880 lines).
  • Crypto: Encryption and decryption benchmark based on code by Tom Wu (1,689 lines).
  • RayTrace: Ray tracer benchmark based on code by Adam Burmister (3,418 lines).
  • EarleyBoyer: Classic Scheme benchmarks, translated to JavaScript by Florian Loitsch's Scheme2Js compiler (4,682 lines).

Google Chrome Overall Javascript Speed

Google's overall score is head and shoulders above the competition for executing JavaScript.

The Resource of Goole VS Firefox, IE, Safari in speed test

#1  posted on September 08, 2008 17:18 PDT
Chrome is the fastest browser I've ever used!

#2  posted on October 26, 2008 15:34 PDT
Chrome is an amazingly fast browser, however, Mozilla has made some major improvements to Firefox. With the release of Firefox 3.1 beta 1, Chrome now has a direct competitor when it comes to speed. Mozilla has introduced their new java engine that can be enabled in "about:config" in their new Firefox beta. With this java engine enabled, Firefox becomes a little bit faster than Chrome. Mozilla plans to have this new java engine (dubbed "tracemonkey") enabled by default when they release the stable version of Firefox 3.1. Chrome is going to have to get even faster if it wants to continue being number 1.

P.S. I love both Firefox and Chrome. :)

#3  posted on March 28, 2009 20:42 PDT

#4  posted on November 22, 2009 22:16 PST
Chrome is known for being a fast browser and that is very nice, there's always improvements with every updates. We're hungry for more speed and i think chrome sets the bar and motivates all the industry to get better performance. Great food for though to think how far we went with technology in 10-20 years.

#5  posted on February 06, 2010 19:13 PST
I think the other browsers have caught up now for the most part.

#6  posted on June 14, 2010 20:52 PDT
Chrome is really the fastest, but its Plugins are less than firefox, so i prefer firefox.

#7  posted on August 14, 2010 03:32 PDT
I like firefox more
Chrome is the fastest,but firefox and IE are more suit for my custom

#8  posted on December 02, 2010 02:26 PST
I like firefox

#9  posted on April 15, 2011 07:20 PDT

#10  posted on April 15, 2011 07:23 PDT

#11  posted on April 15, 2011 08:17 PDT
I like your ideas! I see this could work in many things in my life

#12  posted on May 04, 2011 16:42 PDT
I like the way chrome starts new threads for every new action I wish to perform. total concurrency!

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