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Update News: Google Chrome for Linux is now truly 64 bit

August 29, 2009 01:00 PDT

Posted by Andrew.

The Chrome dev channels for Windows and Linux have been updated to on August 28, 2009. Chrome for Linux is now truly 64 bit with this update.

You can find out about getting on the Dev channel here:

To get more details about this update, please visit official Google Chrome Releases Blog.

Chrome for Windows x64 is still a Win32 application

I just checked my Chrome on Windows 7 x64 version, it's up to date (

When I checked the Chrome process in Windows Task Manager, it's still a Win32 application:

More information about Google Chrome and 64 Bit

#1  posted on September 05, 2009 21:15 PDT

#2  posted on September 10, 2009 20:19 PDT
This could be due to sandbox, the 32 bit tabs. probably trying to keep them on a low level? They don't need that much memory anyway.

#3  posted on November 03, 2009 19:26 PST
Can't wait to have true 64 os and softwares! Good job on chrome working toward this on more os, great food for though to think about how much work was done. Always hungry for more great news like this :)

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