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Where are the Google Chrome Extensions or Addons?

September 11, 2008 05:06 PDT

Posted by Andrew.

Google Chrome Extensions: Not Yet, but later

Where are the Google Chrome Extensions or Addons? Unfortunately they don’t currently exist. There is a FAQ at Google Chrome Help center:

Developers and Webmasters: Availability of extensions

Currently, Google Chrome doesn't support any extensions.

"We don't have that in the beta today, but we definitely plan an extension API," or application programming interface, Sundar Pichai, a Google vice president of product management, said at the Chrome launch event here Tuesday. "It is one of the things we will get to next." - From CNet News

Google's Sundar Pichai speaks at the Chrome launch

Google's Sundar Pichai speaks at the Chrome launch

Other resource about Google Chrome Addons/Plugins

#1  posted on September 17, 2008 03:37 PDT
the new google chrome was really good with all new features and if the downloading speed will be more then it should look good anyway it is really a good browser

#2  posted on October 02, 2008 16:04 PDT
I find the only thing that I don't have that I really like in FF3 is Firebug... Webkit/Chrome has some of that functionality built in, along with its script debugger and console, but it feels a bit lacking. I really like the YSlow addon to Firebug, but it's probably only a matter of time.

Thank you Google for the browsing experience I was hoping would be here in the future. I was so sick of waiting minutes for FireFox to load (on my friggin' Vista Quad core with RAID0 setup) and getting raped by ActiveX drive-bys with IE. THANK YOU GOOOOOOGLE!

#3  posted on October 03, 2008 20:46 PDT
replied on October 03, 2008 22:50 PDT:
There is a full list about Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts:
Explore Google Chrome Features: Keyboard shortcuts

#4  posted on November 17, 2008 12:43 PST
weather please

#5  posted on December 16, 2008 05:55 PST
google chrome sucked! it can suck my anus

#6  posted on February 11, 2009 12:29 PST
the future use of chrome for me solely depends on the addition of plug-ins and extensions or I'm just going back to firefox

#7  posted on March 03, 2009 16:30 PST
Come on guys you could have given a few things.Atleast there should have been an option for do not load images and chrome doesn't even ask when multiple tabs are being closed this is very annoying. Unless you guys release some good addons soon your browser is going down.

#8  posted on April 13, 2009 03:37 PDT
chrome beta - alexa toolbar extentions not publicing. :(

#9  posted on September 11, 2009 08:57 PDT
Really miss a form filler for Chrome. Any suggestions?

#10  posted on September 12, 2009 04:13 PDT
it would be better if you could include more plugins as part of the basic package. it seems whatever web page I go to, I get a message that a plug in is needed. I am going back to explorer.

#11  posted on September 14, 2009 12:24 PDT
Does Google Chtrome had a page translater and can it be put on the wuick launch bar? TIA C.K.

#12  posted on October 02, 2009 06:35 PDT
Is there a 'video download' addon for Chrome yet?

#13  posted on October 22, 2009 08:06 PDT
Real exercise, good exercise, takes place in, if not the wild, than in some urban approximation thereof. ,

#14  posted on October 23, 2009 06:18 PDT
Until we Jews get over our codependence toward every lowlife in the world, we will always be bullied. ,

#15  posted on December 02, 2009 14:23 PST
Wow I really wanted google chrome but without any addons (atm) its not worth it.. as I rely on alot of addons...

#16  posted on January 04, 2010 10:51 PST
Two words: Ad Block

I've been a Firefox user since before it was named Firefox. I've used IE, FF, Opera, and a couple minor ones I don't even recall. IE is the only one that runs every page (plus you need it for MS updates). Still, I use FF because of Ad-Block.

To me, no browser will ever be the hands down winner until it allows me to eliminate all the garbage that tries to overtake my display while I'm trying to work.

FF with AdBlock+ isn't perfect, but it's light years ahead of any alternative.

#17  posted on April 28, 2010 03:32 PDT
A good exemple of a Chrome extension (addon or widget) :
Flysms to send MMS. is a widget that lets you send webcam recorded video MMS.

You can also send low cost SMS, photos by MMS,
videos from youtube and many other functionalities.

the chrome addon: [url] [/url]

the firefox addon: [url] [/url]

checkout directly the website:
[url] [/url]

#18  posted on October 04, 2010 00:25 PDT
Hi, glad to visit you..

#19  posted on April 20, 2011 01:16 PDT
I was hoping would be here in the future. I was so sick of waiting minutes for FireFox to load (on my friggin' Vista Quad core with RAID0 setup) and getting raped by ActiveX drive-bys with IE.

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