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All Chrome Themes developed by ChromeFans compatible with Chrome 3.0 beta now

August 08, 2009 01:15 PDT

Posted by Andrew.

Google released the design documents of Chrome theme since Chrome 3.0 beta, according the new specification, themes are packaged as extensions (click to see the extensions documentation for how to create and sign a CRX file). With the old way, the the developers must modify the default.dll file manually, it's very inconvenient.

Chromium Developer Documentation I just re-built all Chrome themes that developed on September 2008 with new specification, all themes compatible Chrome 3.0 beta now. To install these themes is very easy, just download as a .crx file to your computer, the theme will be applied immediately (require Google Chrome 3.0+).

Here is a quick preview:

Download Burlywood Google Chrome Theme
Burlywood Google Chrome Theme
Download Chocolate Google Chrome Theme
Chocolate Google Chrome Theme
Download Dark Seagreen Google Chrome Theme
Dark Seagreen Google Chrome Theme
Download Deep Skyblue Google Chrome Theme
Deep Skyblue Google Chrome Theme
Download Firebrick Google Chrome Theme
Firebrick Google Chrome Theme
Download Golden Google Chrome Theme
Golden Google Chrome Theme
Download Green Google Chrome Theme
Green Google Chrome Theme
Download Hot Pink Google Chrome Theme
Hot Pink Google Chrome Theme
Download Black Google Chrome Theme
Black Google Chrome Theme
Download  Black Gold Google Chrome Theme
Black Gold Google Chrome Theme

If you are a Chrome theme or extension developer and want to share your works with Chrome fans, just send your theme or extension file to , I will public it on ASAP. :-)

BTW. I just bundled ChromeFans RSS feed to Google FeedBurner, the readers can Subscribe to ChromeFans by Email now.

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#1  posted on November 21, 2009 22:33 PST
I love the themes, it's great to see some color on the table. The chocolate and dark seagreen are just great, always hungry for more stuff like this. It's a change from the grey browsers we are used to! Now if we can find a great desktop wall paper, the computer just seems more friendly!

#2  posted on November 04, 2011 07:52 PDT
saya mau meminta satu tema untuk google chrome yang bergambar tazmania .

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