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Top 5 free Google Chrome themes

January 23, 2012 03:30 PST

#1 Free Google Chrome Theme: Porsche

Top Chrome Theme: Porsche

Users: 1,000,000+

Install: Porsche Theme from Chrome Webstore

Author website:

User Reviews: Attractive and very usable color mix. Background image is not the most beautiful picture of Porsches one could choose, but a good background image in any web application needs to be primarily even tones like the large areas of sky and desert floor in this one. Good theme.

#2 Free Google Chrome Theme: James White

Top Chrome Theme: James White

Users: 940,000+

Install: James White Theme from Chrome Webstore

Author website:

User Reviews: Really beautiful theme....its the best theme ever made for Google Chrome...just love it...

#3 Free Google Chrome Theme: Anna Sui

Top Chrome Theme: Anna Sui

Users: 696,000+

Install: Anna Sui Theme from Chrome Webstore

Author website:

User Reviews: Good quality. i actually like it. its not that amazing but oh well. kinda sad colors

#4 Free Google Chrome Theme: Splendid

Top Chrome Theme: Splendid

Users: 619,000+

Install: Splendid Theme from Chrome Webstore

Author website:

User Reviews: its very clean and nice color like blue sky. but if icons that were written by white color and it is located over cloud image, it can't be seen.

#5 Free Google Chrome Theme: Marc Ecko

Top Chrome Theme: Marc Ecko

Users: 601,000+

Install: Marc Ecko Theme from Chrome Webstore

Author website:

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#1  posted on January 23, 2012 06:47 PST
Very cool theme...

#2  posted on January 24, 2012 07:21 PST
Nice theme.I like it.Specially i liked Marc Ecko theme.That looks better.

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