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Chrome OS Tablet UI Design Exploration

February 14, 2010 03:31 PST

Posted by Andrew.

While its primary focus is netbooks, Chrome OS could eventually scale to a wide variety of devices. Google’s site contains visual explorations of how a Chrome OS tablet UI might look in hardware.

On tablets, the UI would be adjusted to handle larger touch targets. Initial explorations have maintained the same basic chrome layout, but enlarged the controls. Icons could be placed above tabs to provide larger, square targets. Panels would be placed along the bottom edge and could be opened with upward dragging motions.

Form Factors Exploration are available too.

Chrome OS Tablet UI Concepts

Chrome OS Tablet UI 1

Chrome OS Tablet UI 2

Chrome OS Tablet UI 3

Chrome OS Tablet UI 4

Chrome OS Tablet UI 5

Chrome OS Tablet UI 6

Chrome OS Tablet UI 7

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#1  posted on April 01, 2010 14:26 PDT
I'll get it just because it'll have Flash :)

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#4  posted on June 04, 2012 00:39 PDT
the chrome OS sounds like good.

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