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Developers and Webmasters Resource about Google Chrome

January 17, 2009 23:00 PST

Posted by Andrew.

For additional developer and webmaster information about Google Chrome, you can visit following sites:

  • Google Chrome information for web developers
  • Google Webmaster Central - Google webmaster resources that will help you with your crawling and indexing questions, introduce you to offerings that can enhance and increase traffic to your site, and connect you with your visitors
  • Chromium blog - News and developments from the open source browser project Chromium
  • Chromium Code - Open source browser project Chromium
  • V8 JavaScript Engine - V8 is Google's open source JavaScript engine, it is written in C++ and is used in Google Chrome.
  • Google Webmaster Help Forum - Find answers to your search- and Webmaster Tools-related questions, and help others find the answers to theirs
  • WebKit Open Source Project - an open source web browser engine. WebKit is also the name of the Mac OS X system framework version of the engine that's used by Safari, Dashboard, Mail, and many other OS X application

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