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Webmaster: How to test my website in Google Chrome?

July 17, 2009 23:46 PDT

Posted by Andrew.

Google Chrome contains many new features that can be harnessed by developers and webmaster to deliver a better end-user experience. The JavaScript virtual machine used by Google Chrome also, the V8 JavaScript engine, has features such as dynamic code generation, hidden class transitions and precise garbage collection. This means that you can create more complex and more intensive AJAX applications with fewer speed and processing constraints with V8 engine.

Test your website in Google Chrome

If you are a web developer or webmaster, there are several useful tools to help you test your website in Google Chrome:

  • JavaScript Debugger
  • Click the Page icon, and then select Developer > Debug JavaScript to open the JavaScript Debugger window. You can also press the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+L. Type help for a list of commands. There is an article Sample debug session with Google Chrome JavaScript debuger from

    Google Chrome: JavaScript Debugger

  • JavaScript console
  • JavaScript console is a component of Google Chrome web inspector that analyzes the JavaScript code and any script errors associated with a specific webpage element. To launch JavaScript console window, click Page icon, and then select Developer > JavaScript console (or press Ctrl+Shift+J).

  • Web Inspector
  • Right-click on any component on a web page and then select Inspect element to launch the web inspector. You'll be able to see the elements and resources associated with the component on which you clicked, including a hierarchy view of the DOM and a JavaScript console.

Google Chrome: Web Inspector

  • Task Manager
  • Use the Task Manager to get details (memory, CPU, and network) about all running Google Chrome processes, or to force a misbehaving tab or application to close. To open the task manager, click the Page menu icon, then select Developer > Task Manager (or press Shift+Esc).

    Google Chrome: Task Manager

  • Other shortcuts
  • Type any of the following shortcuts in the address bar to see more information:

    • about:
    • about:dns
    • about:plugins
    • about:memory
    • view-cache:[URL]
    • view-source:[URL]

Other resource about webmaster and Google Chrome

#1  posted on August 10, 2009 23:57 PDT
the webpage's link is not working in google chrome, pls advise me how to creat the codes.
replied on August 11, 2009 02:31 PDT:
Tell me the URL of your site

#2  posted on August 31, 2009 00:46 PDT
i want open it very fast.

#3  posted on September 08, 2009 17:10 PDT
Why does Chrome try to download this html page instead of display it?

#4  posted on September 08, 2009 17:13 PDT
Why does Chrome try to download this html page http:\\\webphysics\GHS instead of display it?

#5  posted on October 20, 2009 05:08 PDT
Does anyone know where to download Google Chrome from?

I used it n my brother laptop yesterday and was shocked to see what my site looked like.

Please help...

#6  posted on October 20, 2009 11:54 PDT
i leave comment here
and i wait on my web site
for more details click on this link
ok dears by by
i am wating

#7  posted on October 29, 2009 16:43 PDT
i like google chrome but there just few thing can't do, like getting the google tool bar i dont think it works at all with chrome

#8  posted on November 28, 2009 15:25 PST

#9  posted on January 24, 2010 08:45 PST
i leave comment here
and i wait on my web site
for more details click on this link
ok dears by by
i am wating

#10  posted on February 16, 2011 23:49 PST
thumbs up. I used your info successfully.

#11  posted on February 18, 2011 07:33 PST
I love Chrome, falling in love with it since the first touch. And now had blindsided with it too.

#12  posted on October 04, 2011 02:59 PDT
I've started using Chrome this month, and I really like it. Didn't expect that it works so well.

#13  posted on October 03, 2013 07:45 PDT
I use chrome but some time it crashed in latest version and also it does not show restore option.

#14  posted on October 29, 2016 15:44 PDT

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