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Google Chrome: 11 short films about a browser

May 02, 2009 06:54 PDT

Google recently launched a video campaign to market Google Chrome, this video includes 11 short films (mostly animated) that tell us what Google Chrome is all about.

Google Chrome Team invited some creative friends to make short movies about Google Chrome, and then watched as they came back with dozens of interesting ways to portray the browser. The short films creatively demonstrate Chome’s capabilities in the simplest way possible, so that even a non-techie could understand. Artist and illustrator Christoph Niemann wrote to Google Chrome Team about his approach. He said:


Instead of thinking of what I wanted to show, I tried to think about what I did NOT want to show. I realized that when I use a computer or browse the web these days, the one thing I do NOT think about is... a computer.

There was a time when I knew the meaning of every single item in my system folder and had to wisely allocate RAM to an application before burdening it with a complex task. Dealing with a computer has become much simpler these days (if everything works), but much more difficult and complex (especially if it doesn't behave) — almost like dealing with a living creature.

I wanted to find a simple metaphor that explains what a browser does, without showing a screen, a keyboard, the letters WWW, pixels, zeroes or ones.


Along with Christoph's video, there are great shorts by Motion Theory, Steve Mottershead, Go Robot, Open, Default Office, Hunter Gatherer, Lifelong Friendship Society, SuperFad, Jeff&Paul, and Pantograph. To view all of the short films, click Google Chrome YouTube channel.

Other resource about Google Chrome and YouTube video

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