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Having trouble with Hotmail? Latest update to Google Chrome version fixes it

January 31, 2009 05:34 PST

Posted by Andrew.

The Google Chrome version release comes to fix the problem with sending mail with Yahoo! Mail, it includes a workaround that changes the user agent string in order to make the browser work with Microsoft's Hotmail.

Google Employee Shawn post a guide on Google Chrome Help Forum, here is the original guide post:

[Google Chrome Guide Post] Hotmail Fix

Shawn (Googler)

Google Employee


Hey everyone,

Good news for you all. :) We've submitted a patch that's a temporary workaround for issues with Hotmail as well as Yahoo mail. We're in discussion with Microsoft about the issue and while the Microsoft Hotmail team works on a proper fix, we're deploying this workaround that changes the user agent string that Google Chrome sends when requesting URLs that end with

If you've been using the --user-agent switch to use Hotmail, you can remove the switch from your shortcuts with this release.

Everyone with the stable and beta version of Google Chrome will be eventually updated to version or you can also update on demand by going to the Tools (wrench) menu, selecting 'About Google Chrome' and checking for updates.

I included a link to our blog post with more information about the update below.



About Google Chrome

This release also includes two security updates. The release notes have the full list of changes.

  • Work around for "Adobe Reader Plugin Open Parameters Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability"
  • Javascript Same-Origin Bypass

Other resource about Google Chrome and Hotmail

#1  posted on February 02, 2009 20:14 PST
Great fix !
at last.. it fixed the yahoo and hotmail issue.
Thank you very much.. Good job..


#2  posted on May 28, 2010 10:43 PDT
As of May 28, 2010 and with the latest version of Chrome and Hotmail, this user is still having problems sending and receiving some messages. I'm not so sure all the problems are fixed.

#3  posted on May 16, 2014 00:43 PDT
help me to easy download google chrome

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