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The features of the Google Chromebook

June 17, 2011 06:10 PDT

Chromebooks are a range of notebooks and netbooks that are launched by Google, using their Google Chrome operating system, to take the using experience to the next level and to work mostly on the web. In contrast to the ordinary computers, these Chromebooks in sync with the web, helps you get things done faster. The Chromebooks name is given just to make sure people understand these are made with the Google Chrome Operating system. Here are a few features of the Google Chromebook -

Instant booting - It takes just 8 seconds to boot and resume back to work. The OS supports the latest web standards and the latest Adobe Flash player. The loading of content and the websites is faster than the normal pace, thanks to the web interface.

Connectivity - The Chromebooks come with a great connectivity with the built-in 3G and Wi-Fi, and these features help you get connected to the web automatically as soon as you boot up the chromebook. For the advantage of the US buyers, the Verizon wireless gives a minimal data usage for free, i.e. 100MB per month free data usage is given with the 3G network of Verizon.

Samsung Chromebook Series 5Always the same experience - If you ever see your hard drive crashed, or has a risk of losing all the data, the Chromebook's advantage of saving all the data on the cloud would help. The entire data of your Chromebook is always synced with the web and so you can use another Chromebook and get back all the data you might have lost.

Webapps - The Chromebooks take an advantage of the HTML5 to run many webapps that come to use in many ways. There are apps for docs, games, editing tools etc. all available already in the Chromebook.

Multiple users - Multiple user accounts can be set, and each account user can have their own settings, apps, extensions and functionality. Everyone doesn't have to use the same interface that the admin has set.

Automatic Updates - Chromebooks get better by themselves, with the automatic updating every time you turn it on as it searches for the updates for any apps and the other internal features. There would be no disturbances with the updates prompts as all the updates, with even the OS updates happening automatically in the background.

Secured - These netbooks are optimized to fight against the malware and viruses, with the defense system available within the OS.

As of now, the Chromebooks are available with the Samsung and Acer companies, and one of the best features of the Chromebooks is the long lasting battery due to the optimized interface which helps the battery to run for long even not when charging. The Chromebooks are already in the markets on Amazon and BestBuy.

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#1  posted on January 05, 2013 10:57 PST
when reading emails, I can't find an app that will let me read wav or pps attachments

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