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Comment added by DannySH on September 08, 2008 17:16 PDT(8 years ago):
Now we understand why Google bought GreenBorder Technologies in 2007.

Comment added by Richard on September 08, 2008 17:18 PDT(8 years ago):
Chrome is the fastest browser I've ever used!

Comment added by Milan on September 08, 2008 19:13 PDT(8 years ago):
OK, thanks!

And thanks for your blog!

Comment added by Loser on September 17, 2008 01:57 PDT(8 years ago):

Comment added by pradeep on September 17, 2008 03:37 PDT(8 years ago):
the new google chrome was really good with all new features and if the downloading speed will be more then it should look good anyway it is really a good browser

Comment added by Glenn on September 19, 2008 19:36 PDT(8 years ago):
On my Vista machine there is no such path as you describe to replace the default.dll.
Andrew replied on September 20, 2008 22:04 PDT:
Hello Glenn, you can search default.dll on folder c:\Users\, and then open the folder that contains default.dll. the default path is :
C:/Users/[your user name]/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/Application/[current version]/Themes/

Comment added by Jamison on September 24, 2008 13:13 PDT(8 years ago):
Does anyone know if there's any way to pass multiple separated values in through this method? I have a search for work that works as I'm looking to set up the search function so that I can type "person[tab]bob smith" in the address bar to do a search, but I can't figure out how to separate the elements of the query.

Andrew replied on September 27, 2008 19:32 PDT:
Hello Jamison, Unfortunately, there is no way to pass multiple separated values. :(

Comment added by ELT on September 28, 2008 09:15 PDT(8 years ago):
Thanks for update :)

Comment added by arvind on September 30, 2008 23:20 PDT(8 years ago):
Visit This site
Its really interesting
It has all google chrome secrets.

Comment added by Adam on October 02, 2008 16:04 PDT(8 years ago):
I find the only thing that I don't have that I really like in FF3 is Firebug... Webkit/Chrome has some of that functionality built in, along with its script debugger and console, but it feels a bit lacking. I really like the YSlow addon to Firebug, but it's probably only a matter of time.

Thank you Google for the browsing experience I was hoping would be here in the future. I was so sick of waiting minutes for FireFox to load (on my friggin' Vista Quad core with RAID0 setup) and getting raped by ActiveX drive-bys with IE. THANK YOU GOOOOOOGLE!

Comment added by OALECD on October 03, 2008 20:46 PDT(8 years ago):
Andrew replied on October 03, 2008 22:50 PDT:
There is a full list about Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts:
Explore Google Chrome Features: Keyboard shortcuts

Comment added by chrome browser on October 04, 2008 09:19 PDT(8 years ago):
I think the number of users that have Win2K is so insignificant that they rather not do any backward compatibility for the product. I just checked my one month stats for my site and out of 8,224 visitors only 0.72% used Windows 2000. That's less than 1% of visitors.
Andrew replied on October 04, 2008 21:02 PDT:
You are right. I just checked my last month stats, only 0.5% used Windows 2000. :)

Comment added by Joost on October 05, 2008 05:12 PDT(8 years ago):
I was a major fan of windows XP, but working more and more with it I found more and more problems. Specialy problems with other non-Microsoft programs.

Also I noticed that virtually no professional PC user was happy about windows XP. So I went back to Windows 2000. Now with Windows Vista I and several others tried again. Still no improvements if you let your self be fooled by the new looks, and only look at real functionality.

And lets face it if Windows XP or Vista is so great why do we want something else Google Chrome or Firefox, why not stick with Windows Explorer.

I manage 2 real sites one for the common basic user (picture sharing and web-logs) and one for more advanced users (source-code forum, GPS-tools, Photo-camera new).
On the first site I see 1,5% Windows 2000 users and 21% Firefox users, on the second site I see 39% windows 2000 users and 54% Firefox users and 0,4% Chrome users.

Sounds to me that only the people that don't know their stuff use windows XP or Vista.
So I don't agree, I want Google to support Windows 2000 too!

Oh, and all the solutions like making you system simulate Windows XP do work for installation, but Chrome still won't work.

Comment added by TubeZoid Video Downloader on October 05, 2008 09:58 PDT(8 years ago):
wow, cool hack and easy to implement .. thanks

Comment added by Faith Ladlow on October 06, 2008 01:06 PDT(8 years ago):

I'm assuming that my G5 (10.4.11 OSX) is considered a "power mac." and is not supported for the Chrome beta. Right? or could I be wrong? Sometimes some of us "out here" don't understand your tech shorthand.

Comment added by Craig on October 06, 2008 02:24 PDT(8 years ago):
I'm afraid I'm not in agreement with this. If a Japanese blogger can write a hack for win 2k in just days after it's released. It can't be that hard to make Chrome compatible with w2k.

Comment added by mojo on October 06, 2008 15:13 PDT(8 years ago):
How do you view the file after its downloaded. What viewer or codec do you need?

Comment added by george on October 08, 2008 13:39 PDT(8 years ago):
seriously, the layout of the page is very much crap -! How about a little css in there to make it pleasant to the eye!?


Comment added by cms system on October 08, 2008 21:46 PDT(8 years ago):
it's simply super, really i like it, tool something in new way.

Comment added by Stu on October 08, 2008 22:14 PDT(8 years ago):
doesn't work. Am I missing something? nothing happens when I click the bookmark after dragging it into the toolbar
Andrew replied on October 09, 2008 18:07 PDT:
Hello Stu, I just fixed this problem. please delete the old bookmarklet, and then re-drag the link to the browser bookmarks bar.

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