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Comment added by Ricky on February 13, 2009 19:16 PST(8 years ago):
Thnx buddy,It really works

Comment added by Josephine on February 16, 2009 07:28 PST(8 years ago):
You can't use stats on web sites named things like "

People who have installed Chrome are much more likely to visit. Much better would be to see browser stats of how many people visit CNN, or Google itself, for that matter.

Comment added by raj on February 17, 2009 04:38 PST(8 years ago):
i am a requyarment this google chrome.

Comment added by michelle on February 17, 2009 11:26 PST(8 years ago):
i followed the instructions completely, but nothing changes at all.

Comment added by Mike on February 18, 2009 10:55 PST(8 years ago):
Excellent page rank checker thanks...

Comment added by elver garcia on February 28, 2009 11:20 PST(8 years ago):
muy chingon y sencillo de usar...increible

Comment added by Saravana Kumar Paulraj on March 01, 2009 19:14 PST(8 years ago):
Yes. It supports export / import now... ;)

Comment added by anurg on March 03, 2009 16:30 PST(8 years ago):
Come on guys you could have given a few things.Atleast there should have been an option for do not load images and chrome doesn't even ask when multiple tabs are being closed this is very annoying. Unless you guys release some good addons soon your browser is going down.

Comment added by Wynsong Peters on March 03, 2009 18:50 PST(8 years ago):
I just completed this procedure to run google chrome, and chrome still crashes. Any other suggestions.

Comment added by an on March 07, 2009 00:03 PST(8 years ago):
nice but tabs are still blue, wanna make them gray thx

Comment added by Dr. Post on March 08, 2009 07:49 PDT(8 years ago):
Thanks for the great info! I haven't yet switched to Chrome but this is one more reason that I need to switch.

Comment added by david pearlman on March 10, 2009 09:07 PDT(8 years ago):
Too inconsistent, some days page rank is slow, if there was a way to have it always posted like firefox that would be off the heezy. Thank you!

Comment added by Forums Anime on March 14, 2009 07:01 PDT(8 years ago):
lol i remember that, was getting a botnet attack and their sitewas out. Yet it did not seem to run that long

Comment added by John Sim on March 15, 2009 21:45 PDT(8 years ago):
From what I understand it would be a Windows security API issue, as currently Chrome is being designed to use certain security related XP and above APIs (read DLL) which are not yet available in W2K.

Apparently there is no reason for Chrome not to be compatible with any operating as a MacOS and Linux versions would presumably already be in the making. Either of them will have the Windows XP and above security API available to them.

These operating systems from the ground up have been designed with security in mind, rather then just reaching a large audiences... (see the pattern here?)

If these "new" Windows security features are so vital to Chrome then the Chrome team will have to develop their own version of these new (presumably build in) security features to have them available on any of these non-Windows OS-es, which would also indicate the same could be done for W2K.

My guess is also that these "new" security features are not intended to keep people safe when browsing (as it's the underlying OS itself that is supposed to keep you safe) but rather are needed to restrict/control people that are downloading and playing available multimedia from Google owned/affiliated websites.

The main reason I still use W2K myself is that I still have early P4 systems that would become too slow running the newer versions of Windows.
I do not believe that people should be forced to upgrade the hardware of perfectly good running systems, just so they can support an OS-es graphical features..?

Last time I checked what an "Operating System" is supposed to be is a reasonably secure and stable platform that controls the system's hardware and at the same time is a launching pad for any application you choose to install and run on that it...

The latest Windows version fitting that description would still be W2K, I'm afraid...

Comment added by Nom d'un chien on March 16, 2009 05:41 PDT(8 years ago):
Thanks for this tool, very useful for Chrome users.

Comment added by Alex Fernando De Jesus Silva on March 18, 2009 18:20 PDT(8 years ago):
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Comment added by rusdiono m on March 19, 2009 01:50 PDT(8 years ago):
nice, simple and cool plug in.. thanks.

Comment added by Andrew on March 19, 2009 14:28 PDT(8 years ago):
Great , Thanks for the rank checker... Chrome seems so much quicker than Mozilla (Which was crashing all the time) This add on now makes it easier.


Comment added by Darius_McGinty on March 20, 2009 02:58 PDT(8 years ago):
I, too, am a user of windows 2000. My hardware is actually sufficient enough to support windows XP, and with some minor upgrades Windows Vista, but I absolutely refuse and boycott both OS's. Windows 2k does have some unfinished features (larely due to Microsoft laziness), but overall the OS performs BETTER than windows XP on the hardware for that era. Hardware that, I might add, most people still use. Newer OS's DO have better performance on newer hardware (duh), but this tends to be NEGATED by the increasing visual effects and bloated nature of newer OS's. Test this on games that run on win98, win2k, and winXP. Win98 will actually have the fastest FPS, but is extremely buggy, thus a bad gaming machine. Win2k is the next fastest, and is quite stable, thus a PERFECT gaming machine. WinXP is bloated, "stable", and full of various "protect peopel from themselves" features that most SENSIBLE users can't stand.

I hope that, soon, microshit gets the message. An increasing number of professionals are choosing Linux and Win2k over XP, Vista, and LIKELY windows 7, because they're BLOATED and PROTECT US FROM OURSELVES. To put it concisely: DO NOT WANT. Linux distro's tend to be fairly bloated, and I in fact almost destroyed my machine in frustration in attempting to use linux (even though I knew what I was doing!), but if this shit continues I (and others) will simply make the Linux move regardless.

Fact: Smart people hate Vista (and sometimes winXP).

Comment added by Simohy on March 21, 2009 08:48 PDT(8 years ago):
Hello... I just wanna say that G.Chrome is the best browser I ever seen before. Is so fast!Thanks.

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