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Comment added by Lasix on November 06, 2012 04:09 PST(4 years ago):
I tried downloading Chrome OS on my Pc. It's Fast and very comfertable using.

Comment added by Trusted Job on November 10, 2012 07:01 PST(4 years ago):
For two days back I try to fix the page rank code in my website but today it run so nice and gives visitors indicate we are more serious

Comment added by Ralf on November 10, 2012 18:02 PST(4 years ago):
I managed to find a way to completely stop google chrome from auto updating itself and you can stil re-enable it to update when needed.

Just follow the steps below:
1. First, you need to find where the google chrome updater is located (they keep on moving it every once in a while), you can either search for it with windows search or you can right click on the google chrome shortcut then hit "properties" and on the shortcut tab hit "Open file location" the "Update" folder usually is in the google folder just 2 folders back from the location of the google launcher where the shortcut will bring you.
2. Make a backup/archive of the "Update" folder using winrar or any similar application you prefer.
3. Delete the "Update" folder (I'm not sure if you need to close chrome first, but to be sure just close any running google application first including the updater from the task manager if you can.).
4. Open chrome, then hit on "The Generals" Button?? which is the former "wrench" icon. and click on the "About Google Chrome" button from the drop down to see this "Update failed (error: 3)" which will verify that the updater is no longer working.

Then, in the case that you need to update chrome again just extract the "Update" folder from step 2 in its proper location (so, maker sure that you note where that is before deleting the folder) and you will be able to update google chrome again.

Sorry the english,

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Comment added by Agame on November 14, 2012 01:37 PST(4 years ago):
Thank for Sharing .

Comment added by jelly gamat luxor on November 14, 2012 23:36 PST(4 years ago):
really good post :D

Comment added by Colin Dawson on November 20, 2012 02:53 PST(4 years ago):
Creating a website is just the starting point, it is no use having a website if you are not going to use some techniques to generate traffic towards the site and once you recieve that traffic, to be compelling to the viewer. (As I learnt the hard way in the past)!

Comment added by DSC on November 20, 2012 23:55 PST(4 years ago):
I'm still using Windows2000Pro simply due to cost reasons. When you live paycheque to paycheque and most of your income is going to rent, I cannot afford to upgrade my PC. I'm probably not alone in this regards (I live in the second most-expensive city in regards to rent vs. income in North America) as people either get richer or poorer and the middle class disappears.

Comment added by SeniorCitizen on November 21, 2012 09:47 PST(4 years ago):
I agree with DSC. #1:I can not afford to update my Windows 2000Pro OS whenever Microsoft wants to make more money. #2:I am comfortable with what I have #3: don't want to learn something new. ... have been using Firefox and am tired of their pop-ups telling me to update. Then, when I try to update flash or whatever am advised my OS is old, I should update. ... My house was built in the 1850's and it's doing just fine. I have 'dressy' shoes I still wear that I bought 30 years ago and they're just fine. My car is 15 years old and doing just fine. ... I LUV Windows 2000 Pro and will continue to use it for as long as I can. It's deplorable that "old" things are tossed out just cuz someone wants to make $$.

Comment added by hgh on November 22, 2012 06:43 PST(4 years ago):
I just followed all directions, got the extension to install correctly, but every page shows up as n/a pagerank. Any ideas?
Andrew replied on November 23, 2012 02:42 PST:
Hi hgh,where is your country location?

Comment added by Sklep Owad on November 23, 2012 05:31 PST(4 years ago):
Niestety zbyt rzadka aktualizacja page rank. Ostatnio google zmieniło kompletnie algorytm i wszystko w internecie jest inaczej dużo gorzej niż do tej pory. Miał być po zmianie algorytmu porządek a jest jeszcze większy bałagan.

Comment added by Googma Sansar on November 25, 2012 03:43 PST(4 years ago):
This a really awesome tool.thank you for sharing this one. i have been using this and fully satisfy. i wish some new innovation and little improvement. thank you for sharing.

Comment added by Googma Sansar on November 25, 2012 03:44 PST(4 years ago):
This a really awesome tool.thank you for sharing this one. i have been using this and fully satisfy. i wish some new innovation and little improvement. thank you for sharing.

Comment added by Googma Sansar on November 25, 2012 03:51 PST(4 years ago):
i have already installed this plugin my pc and getting nice services. it is easy to get all information about any sites. thanking for giving this plugin. my blog is

Comment added by chuyển phát nhanh on November 26, 2012 19:32 PST(4 years ago):
thanks so much ! i heve translated to Fancai
Andrew replied on November 28, 2012 02:06 PST:
Thank you. Did you send the translated files to me?

Comment added by Icahbanjarmasin on November 28, 2012 04:21 PST(4 years ago):
Wow amazing really I like it,thanks my friend and happy nice day.

Comment added by Olivia Brown on November 29, 2012 22:11 PST(4 years ago):
Whatever be the deal, I would like to try chrome OS. If it is by google, its worth a shot. It is google who has given Android, best OS of the generation, as per my experience ofcourse. Even if iOS is good, not everyone can afford it and this is why it may lose the battle against Google. Whatever be the deal, my last word for Chrome OS would be to give a shot.

Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

Comment added by injiktoplqkto on November 30, 2012 00:16 PST(4 years ago):
Even if I choose to "Ask where to save each file before downloading", it still directing me toward the location where is pointed in the bar above.
Is there a way to be empty?
I want different settings for different things, not all things in the same location.

Comment added by Guy Manningham on November 30, 2012 10:37 PST(4 years ago):
This is a great feature for web developers and novice website owners alike. It saves me a ton of time in research. Thanks.

Comment added by Googma Sansar on December 02, 2012 22:52 PST(4 years ago):
I have already install this plugin in my Google Chrome. i have been getting quite nice feedback from it. i want to recommend to other friends also.Thank you for sharing a free services.

Comment added by Mathew Matasi on December 03, 2012 00:50 PST(4 years ago):
Google chrome is faster than other browsers and it is really a necessity for PR checker with google chrome.Nice postings. Thanks

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