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Comment added by Max on October 09, 2008 16:56 PDT(5 years ago):
Andrew replied on October 09, 2008 18:08 PDT:
fixed. please reset it.

Comment added by Adriel Michaud on October 10, 2008 15:04 PDT(5 years ago):
Excellent tool

Comment added by Nathan on October 10, 2008 15:51 PDT(5 years ago):
You can use this file to download the .flv file off youtube without using chrome.

However, if you prefer to use chrome then i think you just need a file extension converter.

Comment added by Bob Vandenbosch on October 12, 2008 03:00 PDT(5 years ago):
I use W2K on 5 machines, W2S on my server, dualboot W2k/Linux on my laptop, and 1 XP machine (so that I can see what Chrome looks like) & sure would like Chrome running onder W2K. If one uses the PC for serious work W2K gives you all you need and it is fast, stable and small too. Intel's Wireless routines run fine.So does everything else (except Explorer 7 and Chrome). I am a long term user of google mail. As I am a 75 year old former IT professional (I wrote BAL for IBM's mainframes) I have no time or interest for juvenile games (for which one needs Vista these days?). Both Office 2000 and Open Office run fine under W2K. So, Google, why not a leetle beet of effort for the generation that built the foundations on which you seem to rest your laurels?

Comment added by Stephen on October 12, 2008 08:10 PDT(5 years ago):
Yeah you need one of the newer macs with an Intel processor.

Isn't this basically just chrome running under WINE?

Comment added by TheDude on October 13, 2008 22:38 PDT(5 years ago):
Hey dude - that frickin' rocks. Very cool. Now how can I stop all the flash crashing I get? Yikes.

Comment added by Philipp Lenssen on October 14, 2008 15:22 PDT(5 years ago):
Could you print the PR number bigger -- perhaps with an additional graphic bar -- and also make showing the Alexa rank optional (as Alexa is often far off)?
Andrew replied on October 14, 2008 18:16 PDT:
Hello Philipp, thank you for your great suggestions! I just modified the CSS style and show the PR number bigger. :)

Comment added by Space Cadet on October 14, 2008 21:33 PDT(5 years ago):
Thanks this is very useful, shame you cant have the page rank auto update the bookmarks name.

Comment added by Simon on October 15, 2008 15:08 PDT(5 years ago):
Yeah, this is Chromium on wine made into a simple package. Nothing new to exciting though.

Comment added by shatters on October 15, 2008 22:55 PDT(5 years ago):
Great plugin, but the problem is that my site takes longer time to load now.

Comment added by shatters on October 15, 2008 22:58 PDT(5 years ago):
Very usefull plugin. Guys to view the downloaded files either download an .flv player, or KV media codec to view from your windows media player.

Comment added by magnum on October 15, 2008 22:59 PDT(5 years ago):
Simple awesome plugin, very simple yet effective.

Comment added by magnum on October 15, 2008 23:02 PDT(5 years ago):
It doesn't work for me, I got no clue why its not loading.

Comment added by Sudev Gandhi on October 16, 2008 06:45 PDT(5 years ago):
Really useful tool. an excellent effort.

The most important thing is its more generic than one can think. You can use it even with FF/IE or any other browser which supports bookmarks. And you don't need to install any plug-in for it so you are sure you won't add any malware knowingly/unknowingly.

Thanks Andrew.

Comment added by Bob on October 16, 2008 11:39 PDT(5 years ago):
Check out Multi Datacenter PageRank Checker at

Comment added by jwblyth on October 16, 2008 13:14 PDT(5 years ago):
What about Similar Sites?

Comment added by Phil Cutcliffe on October 17, 2008 01:18 PDT(5 years ago):
I would suspect they mainly windows 2k users consist of Businesses and people who do not feel the need to update their now very operating system. The very fact that windows 2k users are using windows 2k would suggest that they are not early adaptors of software. I would expect the take up a new browser that is currently only in BETA from these users to be tiny.
It does not make sense for Google to delay distribution to over 99% of its potential market on the off chance that some 2k users would switch. Perhaps they will consider minority operating systems once the main product is finished?

Comment added by Stevo on October 18, 2008 23:10 PDT(5 years ago):
This is the best tool SO FAR.. for Chrome. I got a bit bogged down that theres no way to install plugins. Hopefully it will be easier.

Comment added by chicca on October 19, 2008 05:43 PDT(5 years ago):

Comment added by nazmi on October 20, 2008 05:50 PDT(5 years ago):
thank you

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