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» [Google Chrome Tutorial] - How to install Google Chrome for Linux and Mac
Google Chrome is only released for Windows platform(Windows XP/Vista/7). For other platforms it is still in development stage. There is a development build available at Chrome Dev Channel. posted on Oct 14, 2009
Tags: Linux | Google Chrome | Mac | Chromium | Developer | Windows | Chrome HOW TO

» [Google Chrome Themes] - All Chrome Themes developed by ChromeFans compatible with Chrome 3.0 beta now
I just re-built all Chrome themes that developed on Sep 2008 with new specification, all themes compatible Chrome 3.0 beta now. To install these themes is very easy, just download as a .crx file to your computer, the theme will be applied immediately posted on Aug 08, 2009
Tags: Chromium | Google Chrome | Theme | Extension

» [Google Chrome Tutorial] - How to install Chromium on Ubuntu?
Ivan posted an article [HowTo] Install Chromium (Open Source Google Chrome) On Ubuntu in, this tutorial will show you how to install Chromium (Open Source Google Chrome) with 6 steps on Ubuntu. posted on Aug 02, 2009
Tags: Chromium | Open Source | Ubuntu | Linux | Chrome HOW TO

» [Google Chrome News] - Official Google Chrome on Mac OS X: Coming soon!
The Weekly Mac Detailed Status page will be kept up to date with the current focus areas for Chromium for Mac OS X so developers and observers can track its progress. according the task progress, it seems Google Chrome Officially coming to Mac OS X soon posted on Apr 09, 2009
Tags: Developer | SVN | Google Chrome | Mac | Chromium | OS X

» [Google Chrome Tutorial] - Having trouble with Hotmail in Google Chrome? Try this work-around!
Google Employee Shawn posted a guide in Google Discussions on Jan 15, 2009, there is a solution to fix the problem that can't reply to or compose new email when using Hotmail in Google Chrome. posted on Jan 25, 2009
Tags: Email | Google Chrome | Hotmail | Chromium

» [Google Chrome News] - Good news for Mac and Linux users: CrossOver Chromium
CrossOver Chromium is a Mac and Linux port of the open source Chromium web browser. CrossOver Chromium is available for download from CodeWeavers, free of charge. posted on Sep 29, 2008
Tags: CrossOver Chromium | Google Chrome | Mac | Chromium | Linux

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