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» [Google Chrome Extensions & Plug-ins] - Help us to translate Open SEO Stats(PageRank Status) extension into your language
I just updated it to version 4.0 today, it supports multi-language now. PageRank Status extension can be easily localized, could you like to help make it available to more users by translating it into your favorite language? posted on Feb 28, 2011
Tags: Google PageRank | Translate | Extension | PageRank Status Checker | Open SEO Stats

» [Google Chrome Extensions & Plug-ins] - Update: PageRank Status extension v3.0 for Google Chrome
PageRank Status is a Chrome SEO extension for webmaster. With this extension, you can view the Google PageRank and Alexa Rank of the current web page, quick access to Whois, Alexa, backlinks and indexed pages in a popup window. posted on Mar 14, 2010
Tags: Toolbar | Extension | SEO | PageRank Status Checker | Chrome | Google PageRank

» [Google Chrome Themes] - All Chrome Themes developed by ChromeFans compatible with Chrome 3.0 beta now
I just re-built all Chrome themes that developed on Sep 2008 with new specification, all themes compatible Chrome 3.0 beta now. To install these themes is very easy, just download as a .crx file to your computer, the theme will be applied immediately posted on Aug 08, 2009
Tags: Chromium | Google Chrome | Theme | Extension

» [Google Chrome Extensions & Plug-ins] - Google Chrome extension: Gestures extension
ChromeGestures is a simple mouse gesture extension for Google Chrome. This extension is designed to add mouse gesture support to Google Chrome, it's considered beta and work in progress. posted on Jul 19, 2009
Tags: Screenshot | Mouse | Source code | Mouse Gesture | Extension | Chrome | Gesture Extension

» [Google Chrome Extensions & Plug-ins] - Google Chrome extension: Delicious extension
I just developed a Delicious extension for Google Chrome, it helps you add the current web page on Google Chrome to Delicious bookmark by one click. posted on Jul 15, 2009
Tags: Bookmark | Delicious | Extension | Chrome

» [Google Chrome Extensions & Plug-ins] - New way to package Google Chrome extension
Extensions are packaged as signed zip files with the file extension crx. With the old way, you must install Python and then download to package the extension. The new way directly use chrome.exe to complete the packaging posted on Jul 11, 2009
Tags: Package Extension | Extension | Chrome | Toolbar

» [Google Chrome Extensions & Plug-ins] - Google Chrome Extensions Compilation
The Chromium extension system is in active development, now is the time to start trying to build and test Chrome extensions. There are some simple and nice extensions since Google announced design documents for Chrome extensions posted on Jun 03, 2009
Tags: Extension | Google Chrome | PageRank Status | AdSweep | Flashblock | Gmail | Google Reader | Cleeki

» [Google Chrome Extensions & Plug-ins] - PageRank Status: Chrome SEO Toolbar, PageRank Checker for Chrome
I just developed a PageRank Status extension, it's a really toolbar extension that automatically shows Google PageRank of the current web page. You can install this PageRank Status Extension with following steps posted on Jun 01, 2009
Tags: Google PageRank | Toolbar | Chrome | SEO | Extension | PageRank Status Checker

» [Google Chrome Extensions & Plug-ins] - Google Chrome Extension: Digg This
Google announced extensions for Chrome on May 12. Hyder Alamgir just sent a mail to me, he wrote a Digg This Chrome Extesion, nice and simple. Now, you can download this simple Digg This extension with following steps. posted on May 15, 2009
Tags: Google Chrome | Screenshot | Extension | Plug-ins | Digg

» [Google Chrome Extensions & Plug-ins] - Google Chrome extension tutorial for developers
Chromium extension system is in active development. Google published a Chrome extension tutorial for developers. It is not yet ready for use by the general public. The majority of the APIs are not implemented yet, and there is no UI, no autoupdate system posted on Apr 15, 2009
Tags: Extension | Google Chrome | Developer | Matt Cutts

» [Google Chrome Extensions & Plug-ins] - Good News: May 27th will include a session on developing extensions for Google Chrome
Adam Ostrow posted an article - Coming Soon: Google Chrome Extensions, he noticed a Google developer conference scheduled for May 27th will include a session on developing extensions for Chrome posted on Feb 06, 2009
Tags: Developer | Google Chrome | Extension

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