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» [Google Chrome Extensions & Plug-ins] - Playing Golf on the Chrome Web Store now possible
The World Golf Tour has given a chance for gold enthusiasts to play it online. They can explore various Golf courses online, on the official website and this is all possible through a Google chrome app that is available for free installation. posted on Jul 04, 2011
Tags: Golf | Chrome Extension | Game

» [Google Chrome Tutorial] - Unlock Angry Birds Level With JavaScript Code
Now you can unlock any level in the Angry Birds game, using a simple Javascript code. To unlock the levels, just open the Game and while playing any level, paste this Javascript code into the address bar and see the magic happen. posted on May 18, 2011
Tags: Angry Birds | Game | Online Game

» [Google Chrome Extensions & Plug-ins] - Play Angry Birds game on Google Chrome
Angry birds, the game that has been the top played and the highest downloaded in both of the best operating systems of mobile phones, i.e. Android and iPhone, now has entered the web and computer world too and you can play it on Google Chrome. posted on May 12, 2011
Tags: Online Game | Angry Birds | Chrome Extension | Game

» [Google Chrome Extensions & Plug-ins] - JoyRack Games extension for Google Chrome
Bijoy Thangaraj developed an extension for JoyRack Games. This extension displays latest games from and lets the user read the description of the game, view its category and launch it directly. posted on Aug 11, 2009
Tags: Chrome Extension | Game | JoyRack Games | Online Game

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