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Phone Wars I: Sex vs Phone

August 10, 2011 05:24 PDT

Posted by Andrew.

If given a choice between sex and their mobile phones for a week, many Americans would rather keep the phone.

That is among findings of a survey commissioned by mobile GPS company TeleNav Inc. The survey finds smartphone users, especially iPhone users, are the most attached to their phones.

Survey finds one-third of Americans more willing to give up sex than their mobile phones. TeleNav survey examines Americans' attachment to mobile phones; finds iPhone users are least willing to let go of their devices. About 33 percent would rather give up sex, compared to 22 percent who would rather not use a toothbrush, 55 percent who would give up caffeine, and 74 percent who would give up alcohol.

Photo: Phone Wars - Survey shows Americans' love for their mobile phones

Photo: Phone Wars - Survey shows Americans' love for their mobile phones

OS Showdown - Smartphone users weigh in on mobile behavior

Believe there phone reflects there sense of style35%50%43%
Use their phone to update online social networks50%55%40%
Have never paid more than $1 for an app45%62%63%
Use their phone to check in to business23%19%5%
Admit to ending a relationship via voice mail, text, email, Facebook or Twitter10%18%15%
Would rather go a week without seeing their significant other, rather than giving up phone28%23%18%
Would rather lose their wallet or purse than their phone18%21%23
Regularly check their phone at the dinner table34%21%15%


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#1  posted on August 10, 2011 12:31 PDT
something tells me there is some overlap between the toothbrush people and the sex people

#2  posted on August 10, 2011 16:59 PDT
How old Americans? It's just a phone LOL

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