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Chrome SEO Toolbar: PageRank Status 5 is available now

October 08, 2012 05:43 PDT

PageRank Status 5 is available now!

PageRank Status is a Chrome SEO Toolbar, it's a really SEO extension for Google Chrome to easily access the Google PageRank (PR), Alexa Rank, Compete Rank and Quantcast Rank of the current web page, in addition to getting information on backlinks, indexed pages, cached pages, socials, Whois, Geo IP location and more.

PageRank Status extension for Google Chrome

The 1.0 version of PageRank Status was released on Jun 01, 2009. I try to perfect this free product as far as I can. Now, PageRank Status 5 is available, I integrated a new interface in this version. You can check all SEO data (Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Backlinks and more ) by one clicking without leave the current page! You can install it from Chrome Web Store.

I am working for the next version of PageRank. If you have any suggestions about this extension, please send an E-mail to My E-mail address, or leave your comments here.

The screenshot of PageRank Status 5:

Screenshot: Chrome SEO Toolbar - PageRank Status 5 (PageRank Checker for Chrome)

Click for large preview: Screenshot: Chrome SEO Toolbar: PageRank Status 5

Add PageRank Checker button to your site

Do you want to show the current Google PageRank value of your web pages on your sites? I developed a new feature in version 5 and you can add a small piece of code to any page on your sites. You just need to enter your site URL below and it will generate the HTML codes for you. - It's FREE!

There are the examples of the PageRank Status Checker icon that show the current Pagerank value of the page

PageRank Checker PageRank Checker PageRank Checker
70x20 small button 80x15 blog style button 88x31 standard button

Help translate PageRank Status extension into your language

PageRank Status supports multi-language and can be easily localized since version 4.0. The current version of PageRank supports Català, English, Français, italiano, Nederlands, Türkçe, 简体中文 and 正體中文. Could you like to help make it available to more users by translating it into your favorite language?

The language package is less than 150 lines. In order to translate PageRank Status into your language, you can simply follow the steps in this article - Translate PageRank Status extension into your language.

#1  posted on October 16, 2012 13:43 PDT
very nice extension!!!

#2  posted on March 05, 2013 07:35 PST
Jestem zadowolony
dodałem go do mojej pracy z SEO

#3  posted on March 18, 2013 07:49 PDT
Great ! I am downloading this.

#4  posted on May 11, 2013 17:49 PDT
Plugin very great . i always use it

#5  posted on May 20, 2013 07:55 PDT
Pagerank status 5 is good seo tool. I add pagerank checker button in my blogger. Thank you Chrome Fans, it's usefull article for learning about blogging.

#6  posted on June 09, 2013 20:33 PDT
I have been using this plugin and getting nice features and accurate information from it. thank you for updating this tools.

#7  posted on July 29, 2013 01:14 PDT
woowww... it's really coll. very great tool, thank you for share it, and i'll try this tool.

#8  posted on July 31, 2013 08:51 PDT
I am using this plugin for a long time and satisfied very much it's covers almost all important points of SEO.

#9  posted on August 30, 2013 13:35 PDT
I am using this plugin always for my site

#10  posted on October 02, 2013 05:18 PDT
My favourite extension to quickly check if everything is in order. Even better the latest version provides quick links to the various web master tools! Great work. thanks.

#11  posted on April 13, 2014 01:55 PDT
I am big fan of pagerank status extension. Really very nice tool, just have one suggestion .. can you add PA DA checker to it? then it will complete all my needs.
replied on April 13, 2014 19:01 PDT:
Hi, thank you for your suggestion. What is PA DA?

#12  posted on April 28, 2014 04:17 PDT
Page Authority and Domain Authority

#13  posted on September 11, 2014 10:24 PDT
It seems like that this plugin isn't available anymore in the Chrome Store?
replied on September 15, 2014 01:45 PDT:
Google removed PageRank Status from Chrome Web Store temporarily, because of Single Purpose issue. They told me that PageRank Status has too many features and I must split this extension to 3~4 extensions according Google new policy. I am working for restoring PageRank Status to Chrome Web Store, it maybe available after 4~7 business days.

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