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Firefox Add-ons: Chromin Frame - Makes Firefox resemble Chrome

June 04, 2009 07:27 PDT

Posted by Andrew.

If you are a Firefox user but you like the interface style of Google Chrome, Chrome Frame is the best choice for you.

Screenshot: Chromin Frame: Makes Firefox resemble chrome

Chromin Frame is a Firefox add-ons that developed by Zero Fire, it places the tab bar at the top of window, and replaces the title bar and window frame bringing it closer to the Chrome look. Chromin Frame does not depend on any particular theme, however, you could choose Chromifox theme to give your Firefox a completely Chrome look.

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#1  posted on October 05, 2009 19:56 PDT
wow.. the design of chrome on firefox is best of all idea i think..
but firefox have a lot of adds on that cant be fund on chrome,, and i use chrome coz i love interface design on chrome.. but with this adds on.. i can back to firefox again =)

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