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Google Chrome Extensions Compilation

June 03, 2009 08:07 PDT

Posted by Andrew.

The Chromium extension system is in active development, now's the time to start trying to build and test Chrome extensions. It is not yet ready for use by the general public. However, there are some simple and nice extensions since Google announced design documents for Chrome extensions[1] [2].

If you want to use these extensions to enhance your Google Chrome browser, you should download and install Google Chrome developer version (which is still only a developer preview release), and then right click the Google Chrome icon in your desktop, click Properties to open the Properties dialog, and then click Shortcut tab, add -enable-extensions parameter in the Target field, as it is shown in following figure.

Right click the Chrome shortcut icon, and then add -enable-extensions in the Target field

Screenshot: Instructions to enable extensions for Chrome

Google Chrome Extensions

  1. PageRank Status Checker, developed by Andrew (
  2. This extension shows the Google PageRank of the current web page at the bottom toolbar.

  3. Delicious extension, developed by Andrew (
  4. This extension helps you add the current web page on Google Chrome to Delicious bookmark by one click

  5. Mouse Gestures extension, developed by kryptyx, sevencoloredbox, GuiSim
  6. A simple mouse gesture extension for Google Chrome. This extension is designed to add mouse gesture support to Google Chrome, it's considered beta and work in progress.

  7. AdSweep, developed by Charles L. (
  8. A small addon/extension that aims to hide advertising from the web pages you visit. AdSweep is designed for standard-compliant web browsers such as Opera, Google Chrome, Chromium, Iron, Mozilla Firefox 3.1+ or Apple Safari. It works better and faster with Opera and now with Google Chrome.

  9. Digg This, developed by Hyder Alamgir (
  10. Digg the current web page.

  11. Flashblock, developed by Lex1 (
  12. FlashBlock extension for Chrome. Use Alt+F for unblocking on the site.

  13. Gmail as default webmail client, developed by Charles (
  14. It sets Gmail as default application when you click a mailto link. Here's a page to test.

  15. Google Reader Notifier for Chrome, developed by Vasanth, (
  16. This is a simple extension that shows the unread posts count in Google Reader in the extensions area. You have to be logged in to Reader to get this to work. But you need not have Reader opened in a tab. There are no settings for the extension.

  17. Cleeki, developed by
  18. You can consider Cleeki as an alternative to IE8 accelerators, only superior. Just select some text, and Cleeki can search/share/preview the content and preview the results immediately.

  19. Gmail Checker, developed by Chromium Team
  20. Displays a toolstrip that shows how many messages are in your Gmail inbox.

  21. Subscribe in Google Reader, developed by Chromium Team
  22. Provides easy access to subscribe to a webpage's feed in Google Reader.

  23. BuildBot Monitor, developed by Chromium Team
  24. Shows the current status of the Chromium Build Bot. When you mouseover, it expands to show more detail about the status.

Uninstalling Chrome Extensions

To uninstall an extension, navigate to chrome://extensions, find the extension you want to uninstall, and press the Uninstall button.

If you know more extensions for chrome, please leave comments and suggest me to add to this thread!

Other resource about Google Chrome Extensions

  • Chrome Extensions & Plug-ins - Free download the Google Chrome plug-ins, extensions to enhance your chrome browser
  • Chrome Extension HOWTO - This tutorial will walk you through creating a simple extension that adds a button to a toolbar along the bottom of the browser window

#1  posted on August 08, 2009 00:59 PDT
I developed a new Google Chrome Extension for JoyRack Games. The extension displays latest games from and lets the user read the description of the game and launch it directly. The extension also updates automatically to the latest version when a new version is made available.

Extension URL:

Bijoy Thangaraj

#2  posted on September 14, 2009 17:22 PDT
I love Chrome and i can't wait to try this! The extensions look just great, the browser really is in the game! Always cool to have everything we need a single click away!

#3  posted on February 28, 2010 21:41 PST
Chromefans really provide good plug ins for Chromes.

#4  posted on March 09, 2010 23:08 PST
provide good

#5  posted on May 26, 2010 21:31 PDT
I had recently found an extension named FlashControl. It lets you to load and unload Flash players and toggle their visibility. You can filter whole websites and even individual flash objects.
You can get it at

#6  posted on November 25, 2010 19:23 PST
It's a nice post!Thanks for your good work,it helps me a lot!I will come back again!

#7  posted on January 28, 2011 20:24 PST
Thanks for sharing!

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