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JoyRack Games extension for Google Chrome

August 11, 2009 00:53 PDT

Posted by Andrew.

Bijoy Thangaraj just sent me an extension for JoyRack Games ( This extension displays latest games from and lets the user read the description of the game, view its category and launch it directly. The extension also updates automatically to the latest version when a new version is made available.

Screenshot: Download &Install JoyRack Games extension for Google Chrome

The screenshot of JoyRack Games extension

About JoyRack Games: Play hundreds of free online games, includes Action Games, Racing Games, Classic Games, Sports, Fun Games, Puzzles, Games for Kids, Most Popular Games, etc.

Download & Install JoyRack Games extension for Chrome

The extensions requires Chrome developer version. If you have installed, right click the Chrome icon in your desktop, then click Properties, click Shortcut tab, add --enable-extensions parameter in the Target field, as it is shown in the figure:

Right click the Chrome shortcut icon, and then add -enable-extensions in the Target field

Screenshot: Instructions to enable extensions for Chrome

Thanks Bijoy Thangaraj!

If you are a theme designer/extension developer and would like me to list your themes, plug-ins or extensions here on feel free to send an email to , subject with Chrome Submit. Please include a brief description and a download link, you can also direct attach it in email.

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#1  posted on March 09, 2011 06:48 PST
hadinata tjaw . nice game

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