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Playing Golf on the Chrome Web Store now possible

July 04, 2011 04:29 PDT

Playing Golf On Chrome browserMany Golf enthusiasts always would want to enter the golf course and play their hand and try to have a touch in the U.S. Open. But not everyone is lucky, and for those who cannot make it, the World Golf Tour has given a chance for them to play it online. They can explore various Golf courses online, on the official website and this is all possible through a Google chrome app that is available for free installation. The entire gaming system and concept is of two game fanatics, YuChiang Cheng and Chad Nelson who have made it possible for people to play the game virtually through their web browser without anything additionally required.

With the U.S. Open just to start, this game would be a perfect addiction for Golf fans and for those who want to learn about Golf courses and the game. The game's objective is to play the ball well into a perfect direction after checking for the distance, the hit direction, and the air direction. Points are scored depending on how near you have the ball near the hole and you would be getting to know the various zones around the hole where the ball lands after you hit it.

The game can be played for free, and for those who are interested they could buy more credits and upgrade their equipment for a better play. And things don't end at fun. There are virtual world championships one can play and win various prizes if they top the leaderboard. The WGT is one of the best interfaced and realistic golf games available online. You don't need any separate app or software, but can play the game just within the browser.

Screenshot: WGT Golf Challenge

Screenshot: WGT Golf Challenge for Chrome Extension

There are 18 holes in the various championship golf courses all around the world, and improve your knowledge and skills in the game of golf. The HD photography, and the reality gaming gives you a better experience of playing, where you can zoom in to any area on the course and aim the shot.

Screenshot: WGT Golf Challenge

Screenshot: WGT Golf Challenge for Chrome Extension

To play the World Golf Tour game online, you need to visit the WGT Golf Challenge on Chrome web store from your Google chrome browser and then install the app from there. Register to, the official gaming site for World Golf Tour, and then you can play the game online from the website which opens a pop-up window with the game. The graphics and high definition imaging would require a good speed of internet connection, and you can play the game against your friend at the same time too.

Posted by Andrew.

#1  posted on August 04, 2012 20:31 PDT
I was playing golf and a notice came up that a plugin had failed, I cannot get back in to my golf, can you help me please. Thank You. Michael Simmons

#2  posted on September 07, 2012 03:03 PDT
Google "update plugins for (whatever browser you use)"

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