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The Chrome SEO extension - Open SEO Stats(Formerly: PageRank Status) has been updated to version 10.0. This is a major update: 1. Support for 360, Goo.ne.jp, Sogou and Yandex new search results of pages indexed. These search engines changed the output formats of search results recently...
Google PageRank is officially dead now. On March 7 2016, Google officially killed off Toolbar PageRank scores to the few browser tools and web site tools that use it. Google has confirmed it in real life if you do not believe me. :-)
September 29, 2015
Social Search Engine finds social information from multiple social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Blogspot, LinkedIn, YouTube and many more at same time. It's based Google Custom Engine and saves your lots of times as you don't have to search each social site individually.
Ping is usually used to detect the actual internet speed and quality. Open Admin Tools provides a new web-base services for webmaster: Free Online Ping. With this free web tools, you can ping to any domain or IP address from worldwide locations and shows how long it takes for packets to reach host, and shows the ping results on Google Map.
August 18, 2015
Open SEO Stats(Formerly: PageRank Status) has been updated to version 9.0! This is a major update based on fans summit feedback. Below are the update notes: 1. Add a search box in the top section of the extension. You can directly enter the site URL to check the website stats now. 2. Provide web-based SEO report at OpenAdminTools.com...
PageRank Status extension is available at Chrome Web Store now! I renamed PageRank Status to Open SEO Stats because of Google Single Purpose issue, you can install it from Chrome Web Store.
Google removed PageRank Status from Chrome Web Store temporarily, because of Single Purpose issue. They told me that PageRank Status has too many features and I must split this extension to different extensions according Google new policy. I am working for restoring PageRank Status to Chrome Web Store, it maybe available after 4~7 business days.

Page load time is an very important part of web user experience, it's also becoming a more important factor when it comes to search engine rankings. If your site is too slow, perhaps you need to optimize the web site or migrate to a faster server. There are many tools for checking how long it takes to load your website. Today I integrated this feature to PageRank Status 6.30 (A SEO toolbar for Chrome), it shows the page load time of current web page and rates it, and also provides the timing-related information...

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your own extension in just a few minutes?

Wips.com is a startup company with over 1milion users located in Europe that developed a technology that allows that. Using the technology you can create extensions in just a few minutes for:

  • YouTube channels;
  • RSS news;
  • Search extensions;
  • Toolbar;
  • Custom extensions.

Meta Tags always goes inside the HEAD area and will not be displayed on the page. If you want to check or analyze the Meta Tags, you can right click the mouse button in the web page and then select View Page Source, how ever, this method is not convenient.

I released PageRank Status 6.0 today. PageRank Status is a SEO extension for Chrome browser to easily access the Gogole PageRank, AlexaRank, balnklinks, traffic data, cached pages, whois, SNS profile and more. In version 6.0, it supports for displaying the SEO releated meta elements of current web page...

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