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Chrome extensions site allow developers to upload extensions now

November 29, 2009 02:46 PST

Posted by Andrew.

Google has opened up its gallery for developers to share Chrome extensions, a step that soon should make it easier for people to customize the open-source browser. If you are a developer, you can upload your extension here. If you are looking to find and install extensions, please check back here soon.

The Google programmer and "gallery master" Lei Zheng shared details in a blog post - Extensions: One Step Closer to the Finish Line. You can find all the info to write an extension in Chrome Extensions Developer Documentation. Once your extension is ready for the gallery, you'll need to upload a zip file of your code and an icon that helps users distinguish your extension. You'll also have the option to submit text, screenshots and/or YouTube videos that describe the functionality of your extension. All types of extensions are welcome in the gallery, provided they comply with Google Chrome Gallery Developer Agreement.

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