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Search extension for Google Plus

July 20, 2011 00:16 PDT
Google Plus Search available now

The search extension for Google Plus is available now!

Currently, Google doesn't support for searching Google Plus directly, you must add to the end of the query string in Google search box.

I just developed a small Chrome extension to search Google Plus, you can free install it. This extension enables you to search the Google Plus public contents online by one click, it can filter the profiles, pots, posts from Buzz and posts from Google Reader.

To install this extension, just visit Chrome web store, and then click the Install button.

If you have any suggestions or advices, please leave your comments. You can also follow me on Google+ to see the updates.

#1  posted on December 28, 2012 18:22 PST
This actrile keeps it real, no doubt.

#2  posted on January 14, 2016 12:40 PST
This addon is simple, but very useful for searching in Google+. It allows in a simple way by using Chrome to search directly in Google+
Silvia -h ttp://

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